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3rd January 2011

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Well so far my weight loss/fitness regime has not gone according to plan…my husband as been poorly so was unable to look after the children so I had to cancel my PT session. I was also up half the night last night with a tummy bug so perhaps it was good that I had to cancel?

Today I have ate well and have avoided all the sweets and chocolates in our house! Our kitchen looks like Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory!!!!

I took the kids out for a lovely walk today (well they were on their new Zip Scooters) and we stopped at a cafe for a snack. They had muffins and hot chocolate and I had tomato and onion soup.

I did have a little bit of wine yesterday as we had my parents over for the last festivities of the Xmas season – but I was a good girl with the buffet. I had lots of cucumber, tomatoes and pitta bread with hummus.

Kids aren’t back to school until Friday but I’m going to try and get a gym session in very soon. My poor personal trainer must think Ive dumped him!

Off to bed now – with a nice cup-of green tea!

PS..Husband is eating Quality Street and its just not fair! 🙁